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For more than a decade, Lexi has been delivering remarkable branding and packaging experiences that captivate and empower businesses. At the core of our success is a highly collaborative approach that centers our clients. We listen to your vision, goals, and values, and bring them to life through unique and powerful packaging and branding services. Whether you’re launching a new product or revamping your brand, we work closely with you on every step of the way.

A Professional Branding And Packaging Company In The USA

At Lexi, we know that your brand is more than just a logo or a product label. It’s a representation of your values, personality, and identity as a company. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you create a strong and consistent brand image through our professional branding and packaging services.

Our team of experienced designers and branding experts work closely with you to understand your unique vision and bring it to life. From creating custom logos and packaging designs to developing comprehensive branding strategies, we offer a wide range of digital branding services tailored to your needs. At Lexi, we believe that successful branding and packaging is all about making a lasting impression. Let us help you make a statement with a brand that truly represents who you are and what you stand for.

Strong Identity

Establishing a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from competitors.

Creative & Appealing

Developing visually appealing packaging that catches the eye of consumers and encourages them to make a purchase.


Ensuring that your brand messaging is consistent across all channels and platforms, from product packaging to digital marketing.

Professional Support

Providing professional guidance and support throughout the branding and packaging process, from initial design concepts to final production.



Logo Design

  • 5 Custom Logo Design Concepts
  • By 2 Designers
  • Icon Design
  • File Formats (PSD, PDF, AI, JPEG, PNG)


  • Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Fax Template
  • MS Word Letterhead

Social Media

  • Facebook Page Design
  • Instagram Page Design


  • 10 Pages Website
  • CMS / Admin Panel
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Team of Expert Designers & Developers
  • 8 Stock images
  • 5 Banner Designs
  • jQuery Slider
  • Free Google Friendly Sitema
  • Complete W3C Certified HTM Complete Deployment

Value Added Services

  • All Final File Formats
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Unique Design Guarantee
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
$1,399 $999

Choose The Right Plan For Your
Branding & Packaging

Besides our standard packages, we also offer customized packages to meet your needs.

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Basic Package


• 2 Stationery Design Set
• FREE Fax Template
• Print Ready Formats
• UNLIMITED Revisions
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• 100% Money Back Guarantee


Gold Package


• 2 Stationery Design Set
• UNLIMITED Revisions
• Flyer Design
• Brochure Design (Bi-fold/Tri-fold)
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• 100% Money Back Guarantee

Platinum Package


• 2 Stationery Design Set
• Packaging Design
• UNLIMITED Revisions
• T-Shirt Design
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• 100% Money Back Guarantee *

Customize Packages

Want a customized package especially for you?

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Services We Provide

Experience the Power of Professional Branding and Packaging Services

Elevate your brand to the next level with our top-notch branding and packaging services. We offer a variety of unparalleled brand design services that help you stand out in the competition. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a captivating and unforgettable brand identity that truly represents your business.

Brand Identity Design Services

Our professionals work with you to create a unique and memorable brand identity that represents your business and connects with your target audience.

Logo Design Services

Our team of experienced designers creates a custom logo that captures the essence of your brand and sets you apart from the competition.

Packaging Design Services

We create innovative and eye-catching packaging designs that not only look great but also effectively communicate your brand message and product information.

Brand Strategy Guideline

Our professionals suggest brand strategy that outlines your brand vision, values, and messaging to ensure consistency across all marketing channels.

Product Naming and Messaging

Our team helps you develop effective product names and messaging that resonate with your target audience and reinforce your brand identity.

Brand Style Guidelines

We create brand guidelines that ensure consistency and professionalism in all your marketing materials and help you differentiate among others.

Newly Established Enterprise?

Don't Know Where To Begin With Branding?

Ready to elevate your brand and make a lasting impression? Contact our professionals at Lexi Web Studio today for expert branding and packaging services that will help you stand out from the competition and capture your target audience’s attention. Let’s create a brand that truly represents your business and drives success.
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How We Work

Our Branding And Packaging Life Cycle



Research and Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your business, target audience, and tries to identify your ideas and needs in the market.

Brand Development

Then we develop a unique strategy that reflects your business goals, and work on creating a brand name, logo, and brand guidelines.

Packaging Design

Once the brand identity is established, we move onto designing packaging that is attractive, functional, and memorable.

Implementation and Support

After the branding and packaging designs are finalized, we provide support in implementing them across all marketing materials and products.

Our Bespoke Services

Modern And Game-changing Services

At Lexi Web Studio, our team of experienced professionals provide innovative branding and packaging solutions that bring your brand vision to life. We create custom and distinctive designs that help you represent your brand effectively and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Branding And Packaging

A branding and packaging service that tells your brand story

Lexi is not providing its services to bigger enterprises but it’s also a branding agency for small business, and startups. We understand that building a strong brand identity is crucial for success in today’s competitive market. At Lexi, we offer comprehensive branding and packaging services for all types of businesses that help you establish a unique brand voice and stand out from the crowd.

Our team of experienced designers and branding experts work closely with you to develop a customized branding strategy that reflects your company’s values. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to rebrand, or a real estate branding agency or in need of law firm branding we have the expertise and tools to deliver a cohesive branding and packaging services that resonates with your target audience. Don’t let anything hold you back – trust Lexi to help you build a brand that represents your business and its values. Contact us today to get started!

Our Develop Your Brand

Platforms We Work With

Is your brand identity strong enough?

Why Is It Important?

Visionary Branding And Packaging Service

Unique Brand Identity

Professional branding services help you create a unique brand identity and help your business stand out from competitors.

Brand Recognition

Consistent branding across all packaging and marketing materials builds brand recognition and loyal customer base.

Increased Sales And Revenue

Attractive and recognizable packaging design can help to increase sales and drive more revenue growth.

Strong Brand Identity

A strong brand identity and professional packaging design can establish trust and credibility with customers.

Targeted Messaging

Effective branding and packaging design can help to communicate your brand message and values to your target audience.

Competitive Advantage

Investing in branding & packaging design can give your business a unique style that differentiate you by creating a memorable brand identity.

Lexi Web Studio- That Represents Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

Our expert provides brand identity design services that accurately represents your company's values and goals.

Stand Out From the Crowd

With our unique and eye-catching packaging designs, your product will capture the attention of potential customers.

Increased Sales

Targeting audiences with well-designed packages aiding to influence buying decisions and ultimately boosting your sales.

Brand Awareness

Effective branding and packaging will increase your brand's visibility and awareness among your target audience.

Experienced Team

Our team of experts have years of experience and will ensure that your brand and packaging reflect professionalism and quality.


A well-designed package will provide a positive customer experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and repeat business.

We appreciate any ideas you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a branding and packaging project depends on the scope of work and the complexity of the project. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop a realistic timeline for each project.
Yes, we offer printing services for packaging materials. We work with reliable printing partners to ensure high-quality prints that meet our clients’ expectations.
Yes, we can help you develop a brand strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business and industry, identify your target audience, and develop a comprehensive branding strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.

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